Thursday, November 29, 2007

Beautiful Morning View

So, usually I wouldn't be one to share what is behind those cabinet doors, especially all over the internet. But we haven't had cabinets in the kitchen since we moved in 11 months ago! It is a long story, but I will say that upon moving in those cabinets were too bad, unhealthy, ugly to live with any longer. So, we ripped them out and began a verrrrry long process of picking out new ones and finally....this past weekend, I got my new upper cabinets! So, you see this is a very exciting view every morning as I open my cabinet door to reach for my coffee mug and cereal bowl!!! Needless to say, I was very thankful for my family over the Thanksgiving weekend as they made the voyage to my house to help with projects throughout the weekend. Thanks Dad, Amy, Jordan, Brian, Hubby, and Granny (for loaning me everyone!) We definitely couldn't have gotten all this done without you!

  • We also managed to get the travertine install started on the back porch!
  • In the master bath we got all new electrical outlets and switches installed, the ceiling painted, the exhaust fan installed, and I, yes... I, installed can lights above the vanity (with a little help from Dad and hubby) but I think they were both a little surprised that I could do electrical!
  • We sanded the plaster in kitchen, then primed and painted it my new favorite color, olive.
  • We also painted the ceiling in the kitchen, dining room, and hallways!
  • Oh yeah, Dad and hubby managed to figure out this key-er thing that our door guy loaned us, so that we could get all the different deadbolts and handle sets keyed to the same key (instead of 7!!! different keys for the 7 different locks!) So, I finally have only one housekey! ;o)
Hopefully I will get the house cleaned up and take some more pics of the other projects, but i just had to share that bit!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ummmm S'mores!!!

Okay, so this is kind of sad...but, of all the things we accomplished this weekend, this is my favorite! Our logs and log rack! When we first moved into this house we had a number of trees taken out and the ones that were safe to keep for firewood hubby sawed down into logs. We (well, not me!) got all the logs split into nice fireplace sized chunks. I am sure there is a better name, but I like to call them chunks ;o) So, as hubby was taking the axe to the logs, I would heave the chunks up onto the log rack that hubby made this weekend! And, voila all the chunks of firewood are nicely chopped and stacked and ready for a fire! So, who am I to deprive the NEW FIREPLACE of a nice little fire?! and of course, along with our first fire we made our first fireplace s'mores ;o) And yes, I did say New Fireplace...hubby and friend got the old fireplace removed and the new fireplace put in last weekend. Hubby spent much of the weekend getting the trim and siding put back up, but is very reassuring knowing that it is all new and clean, everything including the box, chimney, pipes, cap, it all got replaced! So, now all I have to do is pick out the stone that will go inside on the wall! I am off tomorrow to talk the stone guys into letting me borrow ALL the samples in the store so that I can make a very informed decision as to which stone color I want! So far, everything I have brought home looked much different in my living room than it did in theirs!

We also go the new shingles (Slate), siding (Mountain Sage), and stacked stone(Mojave) for the exterior picked out and now I have to decide whether to go with white aluminum or white vinyl windows?! Anyone have any advice?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Fall Y'All!

Just wanted to share this with lil sis (hailey's most fav person!) is in town for the weekend. We went to the pumpkin patch today and had way too much fun picking out squash...yes, I said squash! Hailey wanted only squash! And, at only a buck a piece, who was I to refuse ;o) So, we took a ton of pics, played in the hay, and brought home a couple of squash!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Almost done with Disney!

So, I am almost done with my Disney book...actually only two layouts left. If you need a little inspiration with some of your own Disney layouts, go check out mine! You can link to the gallery through the links on the right. It has been alot of fun! I love those layouts that are just pure fun, no pressure, no huge story to convey. It usually leads me into a productive series of fun layouts, which in this case meant getting my whole Disney book done in a very short period of time, for me that means only a few weeks of Friday night crops and afternoon sneaky scrap sessions! ;o)

By the way, I my expand on a previous love of Quickutz! They have just updated their website to include a wishlist (for all of us addicts) with new layouts in the gallery, with links to the products, and quicker uploading! So, if you are ever wondering what I would love to receive as a special can go to and search for my name! (hey hubby...hint, hint) ;o) Then call mom and she will tell you where to get the best deal! Anyways, I have been spending way too much time over there searching the gallery...really great work on there! I dream of someday being on the Quickutz Design can dream right!?

I have to share... I am totally in love with my Sirius satellite radio especially since I just finally (after like 5 years!) got hubby's login info so that I can listen online! I am so much more creative when there is come music bumping in the background! Currently listening to New Country Channel 60 and loving it! I have been trying to download all my favorite songs to the iPod, but I just can't seem to get it done...what are your favorite scrapping songs? I would love to know who you are listening to when you scrap?

Ok, I gotta go clean! Lil Sis is coming down tomorrow for the weekend and it would be really nice if she didn't see my disastrous house!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007


Ok, I made it home safely from a very busy weekend at moms (ok, it was almost 6 days, but I can call that a weekend, right?) I came back so rejuvenated and excited to scrap. I just posted three layouts last night and will be hard at work tonight scrapping in my room, if anyone wants to join me!

While I was down at moms, Debra (the new owner of ScrapHappy) introduced me to the Quickutz Revolution. Now, this was not totally new to me, but it was so nice to have someone take the time to show me all about it...and the Cookie Cutters!!! I am totally in love with the Cookie Cutters! I especially love that I can lay a ton of letters out on the platform and roll them through the machine all at once! I am all about saving paper, so the more I can punch out of a piece of cs, the better! Ok enough about that...I am a total Quickutz Fanatic! I don't own a single die from any other company...not a one! A little birdie told me that I might be getting the revolution for Christmas and I cannot contain my excitement!!! That means a whole new world of possibilites for the 4x4 dies and the cookie cutters!!! Ok, calm down!

Well, I gotta get cleaning before hubby gets home! Not that it makes much of a difference with all the boxes of cabinets making mountains in my living room!!! I won't even get started on that!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

What is it about new store inspiration...

I just love going to visit new just sets off the creativity! Whether I see something I want to scrap-lift or not, I just love visiting scrapbook stores that I have never been to, or newly remodeled ones! I think it just must be a new set of vibes when you walk in. For instance, one of the original scrapbook stores I started out in...Scrap Happy, Inc. in Bradenton, FL recently changed hands. I went there today just to see what has been happening and what the new owner is doing with the place. It is so neat to see how different people that have owned that store over the years have stocked and decorated it. My, how different peoples tastes are! Anyways, they were closed but I window-peeked and can't wait to go and visit tomorrow and meet the new owner, I hear she is a total sweetheart... but of course all the previous owners were too! ;o) One thing is for sure, I have a soft spot for where it all started!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So, I was out gallivanting on Sunday night while hubby was writing a paper. Needless to say that Target was the only place open. I fell in love with this clock! It is currently hanging on the wall just inside my front door over my white buffet table (for those of you that can picture my house) and hubby says it is too big! Hailey even told me "Mommy your clock is beautiful...but it is ginormous!" I am actually really excited about it because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on this wall... the drywall is up (hence the pencil marks and screws all over the wall), the corner bead is on, and the new electrical is in. I can totally picture the walls in the beautiful olive color I have picked out to paint the wall across the kitchen and dining room. If I am really lucky, this little nook might actually get painted a deep red! Shhh, don't tell hubby though, he might faint! The last time I painted a wall red, the painter actually stopped and painted over it because it was so red! Now, I do all my own painting! ;o) So, do you think it is too big!?

By the way...does anyone have a "C" battery?! I have been shopping twice and cannot remember to get a stinkin battery for this thing???

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Crop this Saturday!

We will be cropping the day away starting at 2pm this Saturday, September 29th! I do have a couple extra card kits if anyone else wants to take advantage to this great deal (see below for details) or you can just come and crop! Please, let me know by Friday if you will be joining us and whether you would like to reserve your card kit!

Thursday, September 20, 2007's a beautiful thing!

I cannot believe all the progress that has been going on at the house! We got a new front door on Monday, the electricians came and moved all the exposed wiring and started installing all the new outlets and switches, and best of all...there has been progress on the drywall!!! You see, there is an order that things have to get done...the major renovations (ie, moving the toilet over and installing the new shower) has to be done before we can decide where the outlets will be, and the electrical has to be done before the drywall can go in, and the drywall has to go in before the vanity can be is so intertwined and it drives me crazy because I really can't do any of it myself! Which, I am not used to...I have always helped, whether it be painting, doing the outlets, caulking, all the stuff that we are no where ready to do! I can't help by myself until all the electricians and carpenters and major stuff is done. But, there has finally been noticeable progress. We put up the drywall around the new front door and some in the bathroom. And best of.... my husband's Uncle Gary is here today helping in the master bath! Which means major progress! I love Uncle Gary, he's awesome! He's already done half the drywall and really knows what he's doing, so he just runs with it! Awesome!

So, now the question is...what color do we stain the new front door? That brown color is just the stock fiberglass, which has a cool wood grain texture so when we stain it with wood stain and give it a couple good coats of poly, it looks like a wood door. I am thinking deep walnut or mahogany. And the house will eventually be an olive color siding with some stacked stone accents. What do you think...walnut or mahogany?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

For all those who are NOT night owls...

I am switching one of the dates for the card workshop... from Sept 28th... to Saturday Sept. 29th at 2pm. If you are interested, email me asap! There are a limited quantity of card kits and they are selling out quickly! If you want to attend on Friday Sept 21st at 7pm ~or~ Saturday Sept 29th at 2pm ~or~ just want to get the kit to make at home, please email me asap, so that no one misses out! This is a great deal and an adorable kit!

Monday, September 10, 2007

A little tidbit...

I just wanted to share with you this adorable stamp set...probably one of my favorites! I fell in love with Acrylic Stamps because of the alphabets! The blocks are clear so it makes it easy to line up and easy to stamp perfectly into place! In addition to this adorable font, are the cute flourishes that are sooo hot right now! The best part is that you can have this awesome set for's how:

You spend:




You save:

25% off

50% off

75% off

100% off
You pay only:





Oh yeah, I have been at it again! I think I have done about 10 layouts in the past week or two (I didn't post all of them). So, take a minute to mingle in my gallery and make comments if you wish! Just click on the photo at right... or on the link that says "See More Artwork" over there-->

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Free Workshop in September!!!

I have a very exciting workshop coming up...but it requires a little planning! We will be making a set of 16 all occasion cards and and an adorable box to hold them in...This is only $2 per card! Which is much cheaper and way cuter than any store-bought cards! Plus you will receive a D-size stamp set and the instructions on how to re-create these cards anytime you want! The planning part comes because we have to order your card kit by August 31st! You have four options of ordering the kit or earning it for FREE! Here's how:

Order just the card kit...$34.95...Workshop is FREE!

Place an order of $75...Get the kit for $15.00...Workshop is FREE!

Place an order of $125...Get the kit for FREE...Workshop is FREE! ...and Get the Stamp of the Month FREE!...

Host a party in August and earn your workshop for FREE!
My calendar is filling up fast, so contact me soon!

The best part is that you will also receive a copy of the New Fall Catalog to order from! All prices do not include shipping & tax. This workshop will be offered on two dates and I will also consider make-up workshops on weekday mornings! Email me for directions

Friday, Sept 21st at 7pm ~or~ Friday, Setp 28th at 7pm

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are planning on coming to this workshop, as I have a special gift planned for everyone in attendance!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Double Treats!

This August receive a FREE* paper packet with your qualifying purchase! A smorgasbord of gorgeous 12" × 12" My Reflections® paper packets awaits your summertime photos and memories. During the month of August, any purchase of $100 or more qualifies you for one of our newest paper packets for FREE!* Choose the perfect packet for highlighting your outdoor adventures, beach vacations, barbeques, birthdays, road trips, and more. And how about some double excitement? Your qualifying Paper Picnic purchase also gets you a FREE August Stamp of the Month, Free Spirit! Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal.

C H O O S E F R O M :
Route 66 (X7080B, Summer Idea Book pg. 21)
Majestic Blue (X7081B, Summer Idea Book pg. 25)
Expedition (X7082B, Summer Idea Book pg. 29)
Let’s Get Together (X7083B, Summer Idea Book pg. 33)
Floral Tapestry (X7084B, Summer Idea Book pg. 37)

Soar through summer with artful words and designs that create wonderful feelings of independence and originality. The livin’ is free and easy with these cheerful stamps. Available August 1–31, 2007 only. With a minimum qualifying purchase, get your Stamp of the Month at a great discount or FREE! Contact me to find out how!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Artwork Alert

Just wanted to let you know I have posted new artwork in my galleries...I have been busy playing with the goodies I brought home from the CTMH Leadership Convention! I am soooo in love with this company! You can link at the right or you can go directly to my homepage to link to My Art.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer Surprises

Wow, it has been awhile... this summer has been unbelievably hot and surprisingly busy! These has been a ton of progress on my house although we still have a long way to go. The master bath is so close to being finished, I can just feel that shower, now if we could just decide on a vanity that we like and more importantly one that will fit in our odd sized hole! All the sliding doors have been replace with french doors that have blinds in the glass, which is so much safer not having cords hanging for the kiddos and animals to get tangled. And great so I don't have to decide on curtains ;o) My office is coming along nicely, the shelves are hung in my closet and decorative shelves have started to go up so I can be surrounded by my art! It is so inspiring to scrapbook in there! Now if I could just decide on a paint color... can you see a pattern developing here? I need help making up my mind! It is so hard though because I have to live with that decision so long as we live here (which I hope is a very, very long time!) Okay, paint not so much...but fixtures and cabinetry just stress me out because I love the look of so many different styles. I could be just as happy in french country as I could in modern minimalist! I doesn't surprise me though because you know those tests they give you in school to decide what kind of thinker you are? Well, I would consistently score smack dab in the middle...I mean really... can someone actually be concrete-sequential and random-scattered at the same time!? I would also score on the future jobs test to be an accountant with a close second of being florist :o) Hey, I guess that could be true... I audit during the day and garden at night! If you know me well though, you know that I cannot successfully grow weeds! Seriously, have you seen my lawn, it is shameful! Anyways, I need to quit rambling! On to the freebies...

Details on the July campaign:
During our purchase-plus campaign, JULY 3–31, 2007, you will receive a FREE Days to Cherish B&T Duos™ Combo Pack (original retail value of $12.95) with every MyCTMH purchase of $100.

For a MyCTMH purchase of $125, you will receive a FREE Monthly Calendar Kit (original retail value of $39.95). The colorful Days to Cherish Combo Pack features 24 striking B&T Duos in a variety of colors and patterns, giving you ample versatility. These exclusive papers complement many of our My Reflections® scrapbooking kits. The Monthly Calendar Kit includes our classic Monthly Calendar, the Days to Cherish B&T Duos Combo Pack, four 6" × 12" sheets of coordinating My Stickease™ calendar art, and a My Acrylix® Reminders stamp set. You’ll want to use these exciting calendar-related products to create a keepsake of special days and memories uniquely your own. Capture a year’s worth of memories in 2007, or start designing your 2008 calendar now!

I have used many of these papers in some of my recent layouts, so go check out my gallery (follow the link at right --> that says See More Artwork Here!) and check out my NASA and Flower Child layouts just to name a couple. Feel free to make comments on anything you see!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Kindred Spririts

Enjoy a charming new stamp set while celebrating the special friendships in your life. The exuberant My Acrylix® Kindred Spirits stamp set will be the perfect way to show your friends how much they mean to you. During the month of June, your Home Gathering with $350 in sales earns you this specially designed D-size stamp set absolutely FREE!* Visit my website or email me for more information!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

May Workshop

Family Cubes Workshop
Friday, May 25th @ 7pm at my house
Class Fee: $18

Each Addt'l Decorated Cube: $6
Each Addt'l Naked Cube: $3

We will be making three altered wooden cubes honoring our families! You will make one cube for each member of you family, friends, loved ones, or all about you. My cubes are of Hailey, Hubby, and Myself. Each cube will showcase a full 3" photo of that person, their interests, their "titles", and a fun 2" photo of that person. This is a great way to showcase all those random photos that we love, but aren't sure what to do with. Plus this makes a great Mothers Day or Fathers Day Gift! You won't want to miss that class! Email me to sign up now, or if you would like this class as a kit by mail!

Please bring with you at least (1) 3"x3" photo for each cube.

National Scrapbook Month Specials!

Just wanted to give you a heads up on what's coming in May...Life Delights Memory Showcase! This is an exquisite ensemble of exclusive 9" × 9" preprinted layouts, B&T Duos™ papers, elegant cardstock, My Stickease™ artwork, a variety of accessories, an easy-to-follow instruction booklet, and a deluxe 9" × 9" accordion album to bring it all together. The best part is that you can earn this beautiful set and the May Stamp of the Month for FREE! Visit my homepage, for more information.

YEAH! The New Summer Catalog is here and full of amazing artwork, products, and ideas! If you would like a free copy, send me your mailing address, and I will get one to you! Just a perk of actually reading my blog ;o)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thank You!

I just wanted to say Thank You for making me #1 in Sales and #1 in Recruiting in my unit for the last year! In appreciation of you support, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders during the month of April! Feel free to forward this info to your friends, too! (Not valid on MyCTMH website orders).

I also wanted to let you know about an awesome special going on this month..."Join the Party". If you've ever thought of becoming a Consultant with Close To My Heart, now is definitely the time to act! Join Close To My Heart this month (ends April 30, 2007), and you'll receive an incredible sign-up package for just $90! That's approximately 50% of what it would normally cost!

FOR THIS AMAZINGLY SMALL INVESTMENT, you'll receive Close To My Heart's New Consultant Kit—a retail value of $400—brimming with all the fabulous products, tools, and training materials you'll need to get your business off to a great start. Your package also includes the activation fee for a professionally designed and personalized MyCTMH website, where you can offer your customers online shopping, Home Gathering and workshop information, access to shared artwork, special promotions, and much, much more. Take advantage of this rare opportunity—open the doors to creativity and success by becoming a Close To My Heart Consultant today!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

New Artwork and a little secret...Sshhh!

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I have posted some new layouts on my other website. I have a couple more coming as soon as I get photos of them loaded. ;o) I am so happy to be in the scrappin' mood! We have been at kind of a stand still on the house projects (for a number of crazy reasons), so I have been able to keep up with cleaning, unpacking, etc (as much as one can around demolition). But this makes my creative juices just bubble over! It is so nice to sit in a cool, clean room and watch Miss H paint while I scrap! I better take advantage of it before more construction starts! Now that I think of it, I am pretty sure the tile is going in tomorrow!!! And I am supposed to be painting the new bathroom door! Ok, so maybe I am not so caught up on household duties but hey who's gonna tell ;o) Not Me!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Flip Frame Workshop

I am so excited about this class! The pages are turning out adorable! We are only making four 9x9 pages, but they will all be distressed and embellished enough to make you drool! We are using the Sweet Harmony paper, lots of Just Blooms paper flower, Dimensional Elements, My Accents, stamping, embossing, and watercolors!!! I will also include with workshop, the cutting directions on how to get 24 more pages out of one Level 2 Paper Pack! Class is scheduled for Friday, March 30th at 7pm at my house. Class is already filling up, only 3 spots left, so email me now to reserve your spot!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Cleaning Sale ~ Lets Make a Deal

~~~List has been updated~~~

I have been busy doing some spring cleaning trying to make space in my office for more New and Exciting Workshops! Below are some random items that I am willing to send to a loving home ;o) I have given a brief description and the price (not including shipping). You can pick up the items or I can get you a shipping quote if you like. Email me if you are interested in any of these items. I will consider all forms of payment.

Click on any of the photos to enlarge for more detail.

CM Memory Mate Carry All $30 ~ gently used & loved!

Crop-In-Style XXL Rolling Tote $40 ~ Gently used & loved w/ all accessories

Autumn Harvest 12x12 Album $20 ~ gently used

Cocoa Cafe Paper Pack $10 ~ 2 sheets each of 12 patterns

Precious Paisley 12x12 layout $10 ~ Machine Stitching

K&Co 12x12 Daisy Album $15 ~ with pages, stickers, papers

Frances Meyer 12x12 Album $15 ~ with pages & cover

Crop-in-Style Paper Sticker Binder $15 ~ gently used, with dividers & 30 different inserts

Sunday, March 4, 2007

it's a march
Buy two My Acrylix® stamp sets
and get one FREE!

March is the perfect time to build your collection of My Acrylix® stamps. During the month of March, when you purchase two qualifying My Acrylix® stamp sets, you'll receive a third stamp set of your choice for FREE*—a savings of up to $22.95!

OUR EXCLUSIVE MY ACRYLIX® STAMP SETS are the most innovative in the industry. They're easy to use, simple to store, and off er you precision and versatility, allowing you to stamp in exactly the right spot time after time. Take advantage of this month's great offer to add to your assortment of these exquisite stamps.

Email me for more details or to place your order now!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thanks Dad!!!

The paper rack has officially sold out! If you still want one but didn't sign up or couldn't come on Friday, please let me know. I am considering offering a second round of this class and need to know how many more racks I need to beg dad to make? Also, wanted to thank everyone for the support and encouraging words on the new workshop format. And yes I give my dad big hugs and lots of thanks for all his help with these projects! After all, I certainly wouldn't be able to do this without him making all these awesome projects for us to enjoy! Thanks Dad, I love you!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Class in my new Office this Friday!

I just wanted to let you know that this class has almost filled up! I have 1-2 spots left... I am trying to rearrange the tables to fit more. So, if you haven't already, please email me asap to sign up! Also, I picked up the racks this weekend and they are awesome!!! I can't wait to get all of mine done for my new office, which by the way, I think we will be scrapping in for workshop on Friday! I am so excited! Now if we could just get the rest of the house done ;o) If you have signed up, you will be receiving directions via email soon.

Also, wanted to give you a heads up that next month's class, the Recipe Flip Frame will be March 16th at 7pm. I will post pics soon. So, mark your calendars!

See you Friday!

Monday, February 12, 2007

12"x12" Magazine Rack!!!

I am so excited! We have been toying with the idea (per some suggestions ;o) of making the magazine rack into a 12"x12" organizational tool and I think we have figured it out! And I think I will be able to keep the price at $25 per box. I will be playing with the design this weekend with my dad and will keep you posted, but I need your help. If you are interested in this class, please email me asap so that I know how many of these to get made.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Cocoa Beach

Hi there! I just have to share my new favorite place to vacation...Cocoa Beach! Miss H and I followed Daddy down there for a conference he was presenting at and got to spend a couple days wandering around the beach and shopping. It was wonderful, a perfect 74 degrees with a slight breeze during the day and in the low 60's at night.. perfect!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Stylin' Rolodex

Just wanted to share a Rolodex that I just finished for my friend Heather. This is made from the Stylin' Paper Pack with Baby Pink, Hollyhock, and Black. I really like this one, might have to make another one of these!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My new Rolodex!

My hubby finally asked for his Rolodex back, he said I had to quit holding it hostage to show my friends. So, I finally got around to making myself one! My first entry will be all the restaurant delivery numbers! With all the house demolition going on, the last thing I want to do is cook ;o) Anyways, I just wanted to share my Rolodex, it is Hollyhock, Indian Corn Blue, and Garden Green with a cute little flower on the front. Want one for yourself, join me for the Altered Rolodex class this coming Friday, February 2nd at 7pm. Email me now to sign up and choose your colors!

Just a taste!

Just wanted to give you a sneak peek of the Magazine Rack I am working on. I am actually making this one for my daughter's coloring books, nice and big so it fits her crayons, too! An added bonus... my dad designed these so that the interior is 10.5" which means it will hold the CTMH Idea Books and our Cherish Book! I will be making myself a ton of these for my office! Email me, if you want to sign-up for this class. I am still working on the details, but will post the logistics soon!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sign up for the Altered Rolodex Class

I have scheduled the Altered Rolodex class for this Friday, February 2nd at 7pm. Class fee is $25. Please email me as soon as possible to sign up and let me know what color schemes you would like. You can also choose to do this as an Anniversary Calendar, instead of a phone book, with a tab for each month to help you remember your family and friends birthdays and anniversaries!

Shopping Spree...

Just a reminder, there are only 5 days left to get the Promise of Spring Project Pack, and it is while supplies last! The pack includes everything you need, including paper, cardstock, embellishments, and directions to make both of the two-page 12x12 layouts you see here! It is even more beautiful in person. All you need to do is place a $75 order. That also qualifies you to receive the Stamp of the Month for 75% off, that's only $5.74! If you email me your $75 order with a friend's $75 order, you also qualify to receive $25 Hostess Credit! Woo Hoo Shopping Spree, here you go!

Had a great week with Granny

Well, Granny left today :o( It is always an adventure when hubby is out of town and granny comes to stay with us! We spent a good deal of our week cutting out kits for the perpetual calendar class (which is officially full!) I also made these adorable clipboards and goal charts for a friends Mary Kay consultant. I actually taught these last month, but am just now getting around to posting pics and finishing up my friends set. I really need to talk to hubby and set a date for another round of the perpetual calendar and a date for the Rolodex class. It is really hard to get him to sit still long enough to look at our calendars! He is so busy this semester between work, classes, and teaching and the house renovations are VERY slow coming because of it. Trying to keep a toddler out of the tools is not fun! I just have to keep my sights set on the "vision" of what our home will become! (or so hubby keeps reassuring me!) I am off to clean up all my scrapping before hubby gets home!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Altered Rolodex Class

Just wanted to give you a sneak peak of the altered rolodex that you can make this month for the Twelve Months of Christmas! I made this one for my husband in gator colors for his office, he loved it! For this workshop only, you will be able to choose your own color scheme! You must email me early to reserve your spot and choose your papers, contact me now for class dates and times. Class fee is $25 and you will go home with the altered rolodex, the altered dividers, the lined inserts for all your contacts, plus the templates and directions for you to make more of these on your own at home! Go Gators! ;o)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lots to share...

Hello and Happy New Year. I cannot believe it is already almost February! There are a number of things that I need to share with you, so I have tried to keep it as short as possible…I apologize if I start to ramble! ;o)

New Workshops: This year I am going to do something a little different with workshops and I would love to get some feedback about my idea. It is called “The Twelve Months of Christmas”. The premise for this year is to complete one “project” a month at workshop that you can take home to copy and make your own gifts whether for birthdays, Christmas, or other gifts. But, the point is that by the end of this year, you will have twelve different ideas to re-create and make all of your holiday gifts long before December rolls around!

This month we will be making an altered “Perpetual Calendar”. The cost is $25. I will provide you with written instructions and a template to take home with you. I will also have extra blank calendars available for $15 (only for workshop attendees) if you would like to make additional. My dad was so generous to create these especially for me in his woodshop, so you will not find these on any shelf, in any store! You are sure to have the most unique gifts for your loved ones this year!

If you are interested in making the Perpetual Calendar, please call or email me for times and dates. Check the website for a photo, it should be posted soon.

CMTH Specials “Promise of Spring”
If you haven’t been to my website lately, you really should check it out! There is an awesome special going on right now. With any $75 purchase, you will receive the Promise of Spring project pack FREE! It includes all the paper, ribbon, and embellishments you need to create (2) 12x12 two-page layouts, including the cutting diagrams and instructions. It is beautiful and the paper is even more vibrant in person! Even better is that will also qualify you to receive the Stamp of the Month for $5.74, that’s 75% OFF! You can see the adorable SOTM called “All My Love” on my website on the right hand side. It has 21 different hearts and phrase stamps!

Exciting News!
I am jumping up and down with excitement because I am so happy to have a new team member… Linda N.! Linda started out as great customer and before long, she became a great friend! I am so happy to also be able to now call her teammate! If you haven’t met Linda yet, I am sure you will soon. Her excitement is contagious and she is always on the top of what’s hot in scrapbooking and stamping! Welcome Linda!

That’s All Folks
That is all for now (I know it was a novel) thank you sooo much for reading it through. Feel free to email me if you any comments about any of the ideas. I really would appreciate some feedback!

I look forward to seeing you all soon!
Happy Scrapping! ~Tiffany

Sunday, January 7, 2007

New Year...New Me!

So I have decided to join the ranks of bloggers worldwide and start my own blogspot! I also wanted to share a picture of my new haircut. I am visiting my mom for a couple of days and decided I needed a change and an updated 'do for the new year, too!

So...are you all ready for an exciting new year, full of firsts! I have sooo many ideas waiting to be shared. We moved over the holidays, so my craft room is in a bit of disarray (actually, it is a complete disaster!) and my crafts will have to wait a little while longer. But...I know you will all love what I have coming this year! To start off with, I would like to have more input from all of you as to what you would like to see this year. I am putting together a little survey that I will be posting soon and would really appreciate any input, suggestions, or comments.

Also, as part of moving, I don't have room currently for workshops. If any of you know of rooms or places that we could hold workshops, I am taking suggestions. I really don't want to have to pay for the space so that I can keep the costs of workshop to a minimum! So, feel free to email me your suggestions ;o)

Happy Scrapping!
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