Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So, I was out gallivanting on Sunday night while hubby was writing a paper. Needless to say that Target was the only place open. I fell in love with this clock! It is currently hanging on the wall just inside my front door over my white buffet table (for those of you that can picture my house) and hubby says it is too big! Hailey even told me "Mommy your clock is beautiful...but it is ginormous!" I am actually really excited about it because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on this wall... the drywall is up (hence the pencil marks and screws all over the wall), the corner bead is on, and the new electrical is in. I can totally picture the walls in the beautiful olive color I have picked out to paint the wall across the kitchen and dining room. If I am really lucky, this little nook might actually get painted a deep red! Shhh, don't tell hubby though, he might faint! The last time I painted a wall red, the painter actually stopped and painted over it because it was so red! Now, I do all my own painting! ;o) So, do you think it is too big!?

By the way...does anyone have a "C" battery?! I have been shopping twice and cannot remember to get a stinkin battery for this thing???

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scrapbooking for others said...

VERY nice!! It isn't too big...huhm...wanna alter it? LOL!

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