Friday, October 19, 2007


Ok, I made it home safely from a very busy weekend at moms (ok, it was almost 6 days, but I can call that a weekend, right?) I came back so rejuvenated and excited to scrap. I just posted three layouts last night and will be hard at work tonight scrapping in my room, if anyone wants to join me!

While I was down at moms, Debra (the new owner of ScrapHappy) introduced me to the Quickutz Revolution. Now, this was not totally new to me, but it was so nice to have someone take the time to show me all about it...and the Cookie Cutters!!! I am totally in love with the Cookie Cutters! I especially love that I can lay a ton of letters out on the platform and roll them through the machine all at once! I am all about saving paper, so the more I can punch out of a piece of cs, the better! Ok enough about that...I am a total Quickutz Fanatic! I don't own a single die from any other company...not a one! A little birdie told me that I might be getting the revolution for Christmas and I cannot contain my excitement!!! That means a whole new world of possibilites for the 4x4 dies and the cookie cutters!!! Ok, calm down!

Well, I gotta get cleaning before hubby gets home! Not that it makes much of a difference with all the boxes of cabinets making mountains in my living room!!! I won't even get started on that!

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scrapbooking for others said...

I love you wishlist at Quickutz, what a hoot!! Santa is going to be good to you this year!

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