Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Couple of Quickies

This layout was one that Granny started and I kinda stole it off her scrap table last time I was visiting ;o) Thanks Granny!  I love how she cut out the little "chalk" drawing that was printed on the paper.  I added the strip of argyle paper to widen the die-cut sheet so it would be wide enough for the 8x10 class pic.

I decided to leave all the names and school info on the pic and journal about her teacher, my volunteer time, and who her best friends were.  Hopefully she will stay connected with these friends, but we all know that sometimes life happens and twenty years from now, it will be nice to remember all those names.

In my last post I commented on Miss H's rolls.  I recently came across these pics (I actually forgot about this sitting until I came across these prints) and you can definitely see those adorable baby chub rolls here around her wrists and ankles, so cute and cuddly!  Ohhh and the one around her neck, I am melting :o)

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