Thursday, September 20, 2007's a beautiful thing!

I cannot believe all the progress that has been going on at the house! We got a new front door on Monday, the electricians came and moved all the exposed wiring and started installing all the new outlets and switches, and best of all...there has been progress on the drywall!!! You see, there is an order that things have to get done...the major renovations (ie, moving the toilet over and installing the new shower) has to be done before we can decide where the outlets will be, and the electrical has to be done before the drywall can go in, and the drywall has to go in before the vanity can be is so intertwined and it drives me crazy because I really can't do any of it myself! Which, I am not used to...I have always helped, whether it be painting, doing the outlets, caulking, all the stuff that we are no where ready to do! I can't help by myself until all the electricians and carpenters and major stuff is done. But, there has finally been noticeable progress. We put up the drywall around the new front door and some in the bathroom. And best of.... my husband's Uncle Gary is here today helping in the master bath! Which means major progress! I love Uncle Gary, he's awesome! He's already done half the drywall and really knows what he's doing, so he just runs with it! Awesome!

So, now the question is...what color do we stain the new front door? That brown color is just the stock fiberglass, which has a cool wood grain texture so when we stain it with wood stain and give it a couple good coats of poly, it looks like a wood door. I am thinking deep walnut or mahogany. And the house will eventually be an olive color siding with some stacked stone accents. What do you think...walnut or mahogany?

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