Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Fall Y'All!

Just wanted to share this with lil sis (hailey's most fav person!) is in town for the weekend. We went to the pumpkin patch today and had way too much fun picking out squash...yes, I said squash! Hailey wanted only squash! And, at only a buck a piece, who was I to refuse ;o) So, we took a ton of pics, played in the hay, and brought home a couple of squash!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Almost done with Disney!

So, I am almost done with my Disney book...actually only two layouts left. If you need a little inspiration with some of your own Disney layouts, go check out mine! You can link to the gallery through the links on the right. It has been alot of fun! I love those layouts that are just pure fun, no pressure, no huge story to convey. It usually leads me into a productive series of fun layouts, which in this case meant getting my whole Disney book done in a very short period of time, for me that means only a few weeks of Friday night crops and afternoon sneaky scrap sessions! ;o)

By the way, I my expand on a previous love of Quickutz! They have just updated their website to include a wishlist (for all of us addicts) with new layouts in the gallery, with links to the products, and quicker uploading! So, if you are ever wondering what I would love to receive as a special can go to and search for my name! (hey hubby...hint, hint) ;o) Then call mom and she will tell you where to get the best deal! Anyways, I have been spending way too much time over there searching the gallery...really great work on there! I dream of someday being on the Quickutz Design can dream right!?

I have to share... I am totally in love with my Sirius satellite radio especially since I just finally (after like 5 years!) got hubby's login info so that I can listen online! I am so much more creative when there is come music bumping in the background! Currently listening to New Country Channel 60 and loving it! I have been trying to download all my favorite songs to the iPod, but I just can't seem to get it done...what are your favorite scrapping songs? I would love to know who you are listening to when you scrap?

Ok, I gotta go clean! Lil Sis is coming down tomorrow for the weekend and it would be really nice if she didn't see my disastrous house!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007


Ok, I made it home safely from a very busy weekend at moms (ok, it was almost 6 days, but I can call that a weekend, right?) I came back so rejuvenated and excited to scrap. I just posted three layouts last night and will be hard at work tonight scrapping in my room, if anyone wants to join me!

While I was down at moms, Debra (the new owner of ScrapHappy) introduced me to the Quickutz Revolution. Now, this was not totally new to me, but it was so nice to have someone take the time to show me all about it...and the Cookie Cutters!!! I am totally in love with the Cookie Cutters! I especially love that I can lay a ton of letters out on the platform and roll them through the machine all at once! I am all about saving paper, so the more I can punch out of a piece of cs, the better! Ok enough about that...I am a total Quickutz Fanatic! I don't own a single die from any other company...not a one! A little birdie told me that I might be getting the revolution for Christmas and I cannot contain my excitement!!! That means a whole new world of possibilites for the 4x4 dies and the cookie cutters!!! Ok, calm down!

Well, I gotta get cleaning before hubby gets home! Not that it makes much of a difference with all the boxes of cabinets making mountains in my living room!!! I won't even get started on that!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

What is it about new store inspiration...

I just love going to visit new just sets off the creativity! Whether I see something I want to scrap-lift or not, I just love visiting scrapbook stores that I have never been to, or newly remodeled ones! I think it just must be a new set of vibes when you walk in. For instance, one of the original scrapbook stores I started out in...Scrap Happy, Inc. in Bradenton, FL recently changed hands. I went there today just to see what has been happening and what the new owner is doing with the place. It is so neat to see how different people that have owned that store over the years have stocked and decorated it. My, how different peoples tastes are! Anyways, they were closed but I window-peeked and can't wait to go and visit tomorrow and meet the new owner, I hear she is a total sweetheart... but of course all the previous owners were too! ;o) One thing is for sure, I have a soft spot for where it all started!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So, I was out gallivanting on Sunday night while hubby was writing a paper. Needless to say that Target was the only place open. I fell in love with this clock! It is currently hanging on the wall just inside my front door over my white buffet table (for those of you that can picture my house) and hubby says it is too big! Hailey even told me "Mommy your clock is beautiful...but it is ginormous!" I am actually really excited about it because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on this wall... the drywall is up (hence the pencil marks and screws all over the wall), the corner bead is on, and the new electrical is in. I can totally picture the walls in the beautiful olive color I have picked out to paint the wall across the kitchen and dining room. If I am really lucky, this little nook might actually get painted a deep red! Shhh, don't tell hubby though, he might faint! The last time I painted a wall red, the painter actually stopped and painted over it because it was so red! Now, I do all my own painting! ;o) So, do you think it is too big!?

By the way...does anyone have a "C" battery?! I have been shopping twice and cannot remember to get a stinkin battery for this thing???
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