Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ummmm S'mores!!!

Okay, so this is kind of sad...but, of all the things we accomplished this weekend, this is my favorite! Our logs and log rack! When we first moved into this house we had a number of trees taken out and the ones that were safe to keep for firewood hubby sawed down into logs. We (well, not me!) got all the logs split into nice fireplace sized chunks. I am sure there is a better name, but I like to call them chunks ;o) So, as hubby was taking the axe to the logs, I would heave the chunks up onto the log rack that hubby made this weekend! And, voila all the chunks of firewood are nicely chopped and stacked and ready for a fire! So, who am I to deprive the NEW FIREPLACE of a nice little fire?! and of course, along with our first fire we made our first fireplace s'mores ;o) And yes, I did say New Fireplace...hubby and friend got the old fireplace removed and the new fireplace put in last weekend. Hubby spent much of the weekend getting the trim and siding put back up, but is very reassuring knowing that it is all new and clean, everything including the box, chimney, pipes, cap, it all got replaced! So, now all I have to do is pick out the stone that will go inside on the wall! I am off tomorrow to talk the stone guys into letting me borrow ALL the samples in the store so that I can make a very informed decision as to which stone color I want! So far, everything I have brought home looked much different in my living room than it did in theirs!

We also go the new shingles (Slate), siding (Mountain Sage), and stacked stone(Mojave) for the exterior picked out and now I have to decide whether to go with white aluminum or white vinyl windows?! Anyone have any advice?

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scrapbooking for others said...

I am so ready for s'mores and a fire in the fireplace! I have candles in my fireplace, wonder if I could still make s'mores...just kidding!!

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