Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer Surprises

Wow, it has been awhile... this summer has been unbelievably hot and surprisingly busy! These has been a ton of progress on my house although we still have a long way to go. The master bath is so close to being finished, I can just feel that shower, now if we could just decide on a vanity that we like and more importantly one that will fit in our odd sized hole! All the sliding doors have been replace with french doors that have blinds in the glass, which is so much safer not having cords hanging for the kiddos and animals to get tangled. And great so I don't have to decide on curtains ;o) My office is coming along nicely, the shelves are hung in my closet and decorative shelves have started to go up so I can be surrounded by my art! It is so inspiring to scrapbook in there! Now if I could just decide on a paint color... can you see a pattern developing here? I need help making up my mind! It is so hard though because I have to live with that decision so long as we live here (which I hope is a very, very long time!) Okay, paint not so much...but fixtures and cabinetry just stress me out because I love the look of so many different styles. I could be just as happy in french country as I could in modern minimalist! I doesn't surprise me though because you know those tests they give you in school to decide what kind of thinker you are? Well, I would consistently score smack dab in the middle...I mean really... can someone actually be concrete-sequential and random-scattered at the same time!? I would also score on the future jobs test to be an accountant with a close second of being florist :o) Hey, I guess that could be true... I audit during the day and garden at night! If you know me well though, you know that I cannot successfully grow weeds! Seriously, have you seen my lawn, it is shameful! Anyways, I need to quit rambling! On to the freebies...

Details on the July campaign:
During our purchase-plus campaign, JULY 3–31, 2007, you will receive a FREE Days to Cherish B&T Duos™ Combo Pack (original retail value of $12.95) with every MyCTMH purchase of $100.

For a MyCTMH purchase of $125, you will receive a FREE Monthly Calendar Kit (original retail value of $39.95). The colorful Days to Cherish Combo Pack features 24 striking B&T Duos in a variety of colors and patterns, giving you ample versatility. These exclusive papers complement many of our My Reflections® scrapbooking kits. The Monthly Calendar Kit includes our classic Monthly Calendar, the Days to Cherish B&T Duos Combo Pack, four 6" × 12" sheets of coordinating My Stickease™ calendar art, and a My Acrylix® Reminders stamp set. You’ll want to use these exciting calendar-related products to create a keepsake of special days and memories uniquely your own. Capture a year’s worth of memories in 2007, or start designing your 2008 calendar now!

I have used many of these papers in some of my recent layouts, so go check out my gallery (follow the link at right --> that says See More Artwork Here!) and check out my NASA and Flower Child layouts just to name a couple. Feel free to make comments on anything you see!
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