Friday, September 26, 2008

Hunting Easter

One last layout for the night, probably the last one for awhile! I really need to get back to life as usual! ;o) I took a break from catching up on old layouts and did a quick one from this year to keep my creativity fresh! This one was actually really quick, less than an hour including Quickutz, journaling, looking up the date and all! (For me that is record time!) And really the glittery paper didn't need any more embellishment than that!

PP: Best Creation Inc. (Egg Stripes and Green Bunny)
CS: CTMH Bubblegum & Textured White Daisy
Quickutz: 12" Scallop Border, Bright Classic Font
Ribbon: CTMH NEI and Blush Ribbon Rounds

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Finally done with 2005!

Oooh, I am so excited...this is my last layout for 2005. I have a thing about birthday and christmas layouts, I really don't like doing them! My mom is just the opposite, she could do them all day long. I have tried to talk her into doing all my birthday and cmas layouts, but she won't go for it ;o)

I went through a couple of months back and printed contact sheets of all my pictures to date at that point, then planned and printed all that I thought I might want to scrapbook. Well, I actually scrapbooked everything that I printed for 2005! All I have left for 2006 is Christmas! Of course, that will probably end up being more than one layout, but that is still really cool!

This layout was sooo much fun to do. I got it all sketched out last night and then this morning I quickly cut all the paper... the slooow part was doing all those Quickutz hearts! It looks so cool though because I used different depth pop dots so there are so many layers. I even figured out a way to pop up those hollow hearts. I punched out the Quickutz stamping foam using the same die and that way the foam and the die were the exact same size. I really like the way it turned out!

PP: BoBunny Holiday Cheer: Swirly Whirly, Plaid, Gumdrops
CS: CTMH Cranberry, Crystal Blue, Textured White Daisy
Quickutz: Chocolate Mini 4x8 Font, Hearts: QRS0003, QRS0047, A-RS0001, A-SS0001, A-RS0010, Stamping Foam

I just realized that these pictures posted weird! This layout does not have a blue tint to it! I really need to work on those manual color adjustments! ;o)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family 2005

This layout really did not want to photo well, so I had to shoot on manual with no flash and manually adjust stuff...needless to say it is all weird and obviously looks a ton better in person! I think this is one of the two of my last stray layouts that I had for 2005 and that is it! 2005 is completely done! Then all I have left for 2006 is Christmas! And I really feel like I have been keeping up otherwise. Especially with all this time I am getting at Grannys to sneak away and scrap!

This is some paper I picked up yesterday at The Scrapbook Shoppe. It is from an up & coming Kaiser Crafts, from Australia. This is really nice cardstock thickness, double-sided patterned paper, and there were multiple designs in this line. Granny picked this one out for me, good job Granny! I used that little trick on this layout of twisting my spiral clips to look like vines. Kinda cool and fun little accent.

PP: Kaiser Scrapbook's Deck the Halls: Mistletoe, Ivy, Holly
CS: CTMH New England Ivy
Embellisments: CTMH Just Blooms, Leaves, Buttons, Spiral Clips, Dimensional Elements Monograms. And more machine stitching!

Splash Zone

I am on such a good scrapbooking groove right now... so I am majorly taking advantage of it! Visiting Granny is awesome, for sooo many reasons that aren't so superficial, but I have to admit that I love it that Hailey can run off with Papa or Aunt Amy to play trains, swim in the pool, go to the beach, and totally be spoiled while I hideout and scrapbook with Granny in her AMAZING scrapbook room. I even got my own table this time, we finally remembered that we had an extra folding table that I could smoosh over in the corner so I get my own table to spread out on. At the same time, I can sneak over to Granny's dedicated sewing station, die-cut station, stamping station, we even have a tv and radio (and of course my laptop!) I am going to have a hard time going home! I am trying to talk her into a girls weekend... don't book your flight just yet though! ;o) She doesn't share well! (j/k granny, you know I love you!) Anywhoo, this is my latest layout for the week... another for the Cruise album of our first day at sea. I am already working on the next layout while the pictures load of this layout, I'm not wasting any time. Except for that trip to my two favorite scrapbook stores today! I really behaved and didn't buy anything that I didn't have pics for! And I promised myself that I wouldn't print any more pics until these 9 layouts are all done! We'll see! ;o) Happy Scrapping this week!

PP: Reminisce Aloha (words) and Orlando (stripe - that I added some pink cs strips to make it match a bit better)
CS: CTMH Dutch Blue and Bubblegum
Quickutz: Spicy Chicken, Lemonade, Hibiscus
Embellisments: CTMH Summer Medley Buttons, Just Blooms (leaves on the hibiscus), Stickles Icicle, and I borrowed Granny's Fiskars Threading Water punch to make the scalloped border. I think these little flowers are my favorite part, totally Granny's idea!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Caution: Kids at Play

I am loving Moms new Accucut Machine! These big arrows were so much fun for pics of the kids at the park. And I love being able to cut the arrows and the font out in chipboard first and then again in the cardstock... no tracing or exacto knife! I don't have much to say tonight, I am in too much of a groove, so I am quickly back to scrapping!

Just Plane Cute!

I cannot believe how long it has taken me to get one of these pre-made scrapbook layouts from SBFO but I couldn't have found a better layout for these pictures! And it sooo does not do the premade pages justice, it looks a million times better in person! I actually spotted the layout from across the room and had to have it! The best part is, it only took me 5 minutes to finish this scrapbook layout, including writing the check! ;o) You will never know the quality and details to one of her layouts, until you hold it in your hot little hands! I will add my journaling to the library plate as soon as I get home and look up the dates and details. If are looking for quality premade scrapbook pages look no further than her etsy shop!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


This is the first side of my layout of leaving the Port of Tampa on our cruise last winter. This side, I am pretty sure is a lift of a PageMaps, but can't remember if it was the book or the site, I just know that I remember seeing the sketch before and was re-creating from memory... like I say about no real original ideas ;o) This is some more paper I got from my last trip to Scrapbook Market... I am really gonna miss them! I also got to use my new QK Moxie Classic, I am loving that font and sooo happy I have both sizes! Ooooh and those are two of the new CTMH colors, Tulip is the reddish one and Juniper is the greenish one, the verdict is still out though... they are a weird shade of colors CTMH has or had and retired?! The other side of this layout is just blank mats right now, I gotta get some prints ordered of the Tampa skyline, Skyway Bridge, and sunset as we were cruising out of port.

Retreat 2005

This is layout I got done last night with Hailey's help! Really easy to put together and I got to use my new 4x4 vine that I got at the sale (she loves using my revolution). The scallop paper I picked up at Griffins on my last trip there.

I behaved!

I actually behaved myself! I took my picture box and found paper and embellies for 3 layouts! I didn't buy anything that I didn't have a plan for! They were out of the Dragonfly font ;o( but they did have Chocolate marked down to $27.99 and the finally had the 4x4 vine in stock (I have been hunting that one for awhile!) Other than that, I found a few things to decorate the front of my Cmas Album and a few small packs of buttons in colors that I don't have (I love buttons!). Overall it wasn't all that, just 20%, but I think people were stocking up knowing that they wouldn't have the option later. I also am very happy to report though, that they have plans of staying open until November 7th!, they said unless they sell out before then...from the looks of today that is a good possibility. I stood in line for 3 hours! No joke, I was actually in the store a total of 4.5 hours... I kept asking Hailey if she wanted to leave and she would reply "No mommy, keep looking" in the sweetest voice because she was having a blast in the kids area and didn't want to come home and unpack more boxes ;o) I have plans to get some more pics printed and go back next week after things settle down. I also found out that we have a pretty decent JoAnns, just two doors down from Scrapbook Market! The scrapbook section there is at least twice what it was in Gville! Yeah!

Even better news, I came home and got a layout done! I will try to post after the munchkin goes to bed! And when we got home, Hailey heard the kids next door and ran outside to play. She and Cade ended up running all around, in and out of our two houses, eating dinner over there, and totally having a blast! Cade it just the sweetest thing! And his older sister Sydney is so polite! I love this neighborhood! ;o) All the while, I got the kitchen completely unpacked and all the dishes and food put away! Plus, Hailey's bathroom and bedroom, I even took pics, just for you Granny!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I need friends!

I am seriously in need of some scrappin' friends in Tallahassee!!! I HAVE to do something that does not involve boxes!?!?! I did clean off the dining table and only have one box left to empty in the kitchen, but I miss my scrappin buddies and my old scrappin room... both gave me so much inspiration and got my creative juices flowing when I was down & out! To top it all off, I found out that Scrapbook Market is closing! Of course, right after I move here (after being open 9 years!) they are closing! I haven't even gotten to go there since we moved here, I guess sort of saving up for one major crop-fest one of these Friday nights, that's not gonna happen now! They are having a big sale that starts tomorrow morning, so I guess I will have to shop blindly... which I hate doing because you end up with a huge stash of CRAP! Hopefully they will have some good deals on the Quickutz fonts I have been eyeing! ;o) And since Granny surprised me with a 12" platform, I have just gotta have some new border dies now, don't I?

On a positve note, we did take Sunday off and went to Wakulla Springs. We took a boat ride down the river and saw a bunch of turtles, about 9 alligators, and a manatee! Growing up on a river much like this is was sort of weird to get excited about animals that I saw practically every day... but I think that is what excited me about it, it reminded me of being at MeeMaw's when I was a little girl! Funny enough, what I thought was the coolest was the mullet jumping!?! And yes, Granny that is an alligator sunbathing right on the shore in the same water we were swimming in upstream! And to top it all off, once we got back to the shore and were swimming Hailey and Daddy decided to check out the diving platform and Hailey proceeded to jump right off (with no hesitation) the platform that was seriously 6 feet high!!! Of course I don't have a picture! But I am sure it won't be the last time! ;o)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Settling In Nicely

We made it! I actually got here late Sunday night, cleaned most of Monday (who knew a vacant house could be so dirty!), the movers got in late Monday night (slept on the floor, poor guys), and now I am supervising unloading bright and early this morning! I like this job, sit at the front door, play on the computer and point! The only part of my job I am having a problem with is staying out of the way ;o) Once I find the boxes labeled "Office" I will find my card reader and upload the pics I took last night of Hailey swimming in my new garden tub!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Work Party this Sunday!

So, I am officially begging and pleading for help finishing all the painting! I am not a bad painter, I am just agonizingly S-L-O-W!!! And it is mostly all brush work, cutting in around the edges and painting all the doors! So, if you have a bit of time to spare on Sunday... drop me an email so I know how many mouths to feed ;o)

PS: I am also in need of a good/affordable painter for the exterior!?! I will not attempt that one on my own!
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