Thursday, September 18, 2008

I behaved!

I actually behaved myself! I took my picture box and found paper and embellies for 3 layouts! I didn't buy anything that I didn't have a plan for! They were out of the Dragonfly font ;o( but they did have Chocolate marked down to $27.99 and the finally had the 4x4 vine in stock (I have been hunting that one for awhile!) Other than that, I found a few things to decorate the front of my Cmas Album and a few small packs of buttons in colors that I don't have (I love buttons!). Overall it wasn't all that, just 20%, but I think people were stocking up knowing that they wouldn't have the option later. I also am very happy to report though, that they have plans of staying open until November 7th!, they said unless they sell out before then...from the looks of today that is a good possibility. I stood in line for 3 hours! No joke, I was actually in the store a total of 4.5 hours... I kept asking Hailey if she wanted to leave and she would reply "No mommy, keep looking" in the sweetest voice because she was having a blast in the kids area and didn't want to come home and unpack more boxes ;o) I have plans to get some more pics printed and go back next week after things settle down. I also found out that we have a pretty decent JoAnns, just two doors down from Scrapbook Market! The scrapbook section there is at least twice what it was in Gville! Yeah!

Even better news, I came home and got a layout done! I will try to post after the munchkin goes to bed! And when we got home, Hailey heard the kids next door and ran outside to play. She and Cade ended up running all around, in and out of our two houses, eating dinner over there, and totally having a blast! Cade it just the sweetest thing! And his older sister Sydney is so polite! I love this neighborhood! ;o) All the while, I got the kitchen completely unpacked and all the dishes and food put away! Plus, Hailey's bathroom and bedroom, I even took pics, just for you Granny!

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