Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I need friends!

I am seriously in need of some scrappin' friends in Tallahassee!!! I HAVE to do something that does not involve boxes!?!?! I did clean off the dining table and only have one box left to empty in the kitchen, but I miss my scrappin buddies and my old scrappin room... both gave me so much inspiration and got my creative juices flowing when I was down & out! To top it all off, I found out that Scrapbook Market is closing! Of course, right after I move here (after being open 9 years!) they are closing! I haven't even gotten to go there since we moved here, I guess sort of saving up for one major crop-fest one of these Friday nights, that's not gonna happen now! They are having a big sale that starts tomorrow morning, so I guess I will have to shop blindly... which I hate doing because you end up with a huge stash of CRAP! Hopefully they will have some good deals on the Quickutz fonts I have been eyeing! ;o) And since Granny surprised me with a 12" platform, I have just gotta have some new border dies now, don't I?

On a positve note, we did take Sunday off and went to Wakulla Springs. We took a boat ride down the river and saw a bunch of turtles, about 9 alligators, and a manatee! Growing up on a river much like this is was sort of weird to get excited about animals that I saw practically every day... but I think that is what excited me about it, it reminded me of being at MeeMaw's when I was a little girl! Funny enough, what I thought was the coolest was the mullet jumping!?! And yes, Granny that is an alligator sunbathing right on the shore in the same water we were swimming in upstream! And to top it all off, once we got back to the shore and were swimming Hailey and Daddy decided to check out the diving platform and Hailey proceeded to jump right off (with no hesitation) the platform that was seriously 6 feet high!!! Of course I don't have a picture! But I am sure it won't be the last time! ;o)

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