Friday, January 22, 2010

Imagine It! & Fritz's

These are not the best pictures because I had to photo them in the page protector... so you get the whole "picture" of what I did. And, I am probably going to do a horrible job of explaining this, but pictures are supposed to be worth a thousand words anyways, right?! These photos were taken a couple of years ago at the Imaine It! Children's Museum in Atlanta, GA. If you are ever in the area, it was a fantastic and relaxing place to spend an entire day! She had a blast and the place was so low key, that I was actually able to sit down and watch her play! Great place!

Anywhoo, the right side of the layout is normal, no flips or anything special interactive. But the other side, with the big enlargements... That side is cool! One of my better thoughts on making pages interactive, if I do say so myself :o) The pictures had so much going on in them, that I had to make them big in order to really get a feel for the place and all the details... the problem was making them big and keeping them all safe! So, I came up with the idea to use a 9x9 page protector and sew it to my layout! I ordered 8x10 photos and trimmed them to 8x9, I put two of the photos in the page protector and other was attached to the layout. This left me 1" of page protector extra to sew to my layout. I was able to get THREE 8x9 photos on this page! And they are all safe. That is probably clear as mud, but if you really want to get it, you just have to come over and see it. Here is a close up (the photo is upside down) of the top of the photo attached to layout, where I cut my 12x12 protector to slide the 8x9 protector out.

Here is a closeup of where I sewed the 8x9 protector to the actual layout with the 2 photos inside, then mounted the third directly to the layout slightly overlapping the 8x9 protector.

The next layout is a really old, reallllly simple one, but what was cool about his one was that I needed a pp that had pink and navy, but could only find pink and brown. I cut some CTMH Outdoor Denim cardstock in to strips, distressed them to match the feel of the paper and adhered them over the brown stripes, voila. Exactly what I needed.

Fritz's was a really cool restaurant in Kansas City, MO that delivered your lunch via a train! At the time, H was totally into trains and thought that was the coolest thing ever!

Oh, and you ordered your lunch via the telephone on your table and got to wear cool conductor hats! Oh the things we do for our children... dear hubby might not appreciate me posting this photo, but I think he cute as a conductor :o)

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