Sunday, September 12, 2010

Making up for lost time!

I am making up for a lot of missing scrapping time.  I have about 7 layouts that I did since last posting and have been waiting to put them in albums until I photographed them... finally did that today so I am just posting them all, not a lot of details.  But, if you have a question please just leave me a comment and I will be happy to share a technique, manufacturer, or supply inquiry.

By the way, all of my layouts are two-page layouts and generally have some flow across the page.  So, if you go to the link --> over there to see my gallery, you can see the pages next to each other and they make a little more sense :o)  Enjoy!

This is a layout from Summer 2009 that I did during my girls weekend but had been waiting on the enlargement.  My little girls first official ballet class... not her cup of tea!  She has never asked to do ballet again since! :o) Which cracks me up since I did ballet for over a dozen years!

Valetine's Party at VPK waaaayyy back in Feb 2009!  Can't believe how young she looks in that bottom right photo, still has the little baby chub!  Awww, I miss her little rolls!

I totally cheated on this one and bought it from my mom (SBFO on eBay and etsy) because I was totally in love with that little bear in the dress!  Thanks mommy, I love my layout and these were the perfect pictures!

When we first moved to Tally, Miss H took TaeKwonDo lessons for a little while.  She was so funny to watch and was actually pretty good at it... unlike ballet ;o)  I would like to see her eventually pick an activity and stick with it, but I figure she is young and should experience a variety... she def has tried a number of things in the last year or so!

The title photo needs a little explanation, so maybe I will revisit this layout another time... but it is overall a "year in review" layout from VPK.

Oh, we had sooo much fun at our Girl Scouts Skate Night!  Mommy stayed off the skates though, one wobbly woman was enough for daddy to steady!  I am quite proud of those die-cut skates... I actually did those all by myself, free-hand, no diagram, and no outside inspiration!  They even have real tied-up laces and big brads to look like wheel-bearings!  Pretty cool, huh?!

And finally... You are my sunshine!  On the last day of VPK, the school had a huge pool party with blowup water slides and shaving cream!  Great way to end the year!  And a great way to end this post!


scrapbooking for others said...

Can these get any cuter!!! GREAT work!

Veena said...

What can I say- this layout is absolutely charming! The style and colours are also great.

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