Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One of my little joys

This picture doesn't look like much to some of you, but to others I am sure you can feel my little twinge of joy. We recently moved in a new home, a small apartment to be exact. That thought may scare of alot of you, but for me it was exciting. I have never lived in an apartment before (except for a very large apartment when hubby was running one of the dorms on campus, but that was very different) so I was excited for this new adventure in our life. Hailey was more than thrilled since we let her paint her room pink and we now have a pool just a few yards away (most importantly, one that I do not have to tend to!) But, to get to the point, we have been here a little over a month and I have been having fun moving in, decorating, organizing, and generally just making it feel like home. One of the little things for me that makes it home is my plants and my scrapbooks. I was so excited when I figured out how to arrange the living room so that my favorite buffet table could sit just behind the couch with my orchids on top receiving the perfect southeastern exposure... and my scrapbooks below. This table is probably four feet long, and the bottom shelf is lined with all my completed scrapbooks. So, this photo represents all my memories of a wonderful life, all my hard work (and fun) I had making those layouts, and to a smaller degree, the results of my credit card bill ;o) LOL! But, I love that the albums are down low so that Hailey can look at them whenever she wants (and she does frequently!) I also love how neatly organized and lined up they are... yes, I am a little OCD, but I have learned to embrace it.

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