Sunday, February 1, 2009

On a roll again... finally!

So, I just got a ton of pics printed last week and spent part of friday night making up kits with pics and paper... all ready to scrap! I got the "Mrs. Bear" layout done first thing on Friday night, only took me 1.5 hrs (which is nearly a record for me!) Also exciting is that I used up some random ribbon and papers that I got long ago and didn't have a purpose for, luckily for me this worked out great! The "Unique" layout took a bit more out of me, I got it all cut out and pics stuck down but got stuck on the embellies... I was scraplifting this from a blog I follow, scrapliftable.blogspot. I woke up Saturday with a new set of eyes and got it finished up in no time! The "Silly, Sassy, Super Sweet Faces of Hailey" was an old layout that I was finally able to get pictures on! Yeah me! All-in-all a great weekend in scrappyland :o) Hubby still isn't home yet, so I am gonna try to squeeze out one more layout! Wish me luck! It is so nice to be in a scrappin' groove again!

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