Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bringin' Eyelets Back!

Okay, I recently renewed my love affair with eyelets! You know the song "Bringin Sexy Back".. well, I am single-handedly bringing eyelets back! :o) Mostly because I needed a brad in a certain color and didn't have one, then stumbled upon my old stash of eyelets (hundreds or thousands of them!) and in the color I needed! Yeah! Of course, now I have that song stuck in my head... at least it is upbeat so I am all peppy!

I also wanted to say thanks to my new friend, for putting up with my drama queen daughter. We met on Tally Moms and got together today with our girls, had a fabulous time scrapping, and can't wait till next time!

1 comment:

Rileysmom said...

This is so cute. I love what you did with the eyelets... I am going to have to copy this idea...Tiff, I think it's time you got on a DT!!!

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