Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Fall Y'All!

We had a very fun, but exhausting, day... just us girls! We found two of the most perfect pumpkins at the pumpkin patch (even got a few good photos), played at Michaels, ate lunch at Chick-fil-a, finally found some fun tights for H's witch costume at Target, and discovered that Office Depot in Tally does not carry any scrapbooking stuff... which really bums me out since I have a store credit there and wanted to get some refills for my trimmer (guess I will have to stock up next time I am in Gville!) We did pick up some flash card games for 2nd grade test-prep sight-words... which really surprised me to find out Miss H already knew 71 of the 96 words rights out of the box! I didn't know she could even sound out that many words, much less the sight-words! And she's only 4! Okay, I will admit it now, I really need to get this kid in classes of some sort!

The two pumkins in the front crack me up because they had warts all over them, Miss H kept saying they were moldy! There were also a number of RED pumpkins! It was sooo cool seeing all the different ones! Now I am off to try and get some scrapping done!

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Tickle Me Pink said...

What a cutie!! Those pics are great :D I love the comments about the warty pumpkins ^_~ and red ones, wow! I don't think I've ever heard of red pumpkins!

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