Friday, June 6, 2008

Coloring Chipboard

So, I was just reading another blog that I frequent and she said the most time consuming part of her layout was cutting the cardstock to cover her chipboard letters for the title. So, I wanted to share a little tip for those that have not tried it. Save yourself some time and just take your chipboard letters and rub them around on the face of your stamp pads. So much quicker than cutting cardstock and gives a much more vivid color. Also, if you don't like colored fingers you may want to wear gloves, but I wear my colored fingertips as a badge of creativity ;o) Also a great way to "own" more, if you don't have cranberry cardstock (but do have the ink pad) and wanted your accents to be cranberry on your layout, you can use your ink pad to color your chipboard letters and embellishments. Voila!

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scrapbooking for others said...

I really love Close to My Heart products! I laugh everytime I think about you saying "I really don't want to get into stamping" and then you went to a gathering and you were soooo hooked. I am such a good enabler. LOL!

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