Thursday, June 12, 2008

12 cents prints!

Just a heads up that has 12 cent prints through June 18th! And metallic prints at regular prices from June 19th - 30th! If you haven't created an account there, you should! They have the best prints, the best color, unlimited storage space, no fees to sign up or maintain, and super cheap prints and shipping. Only $2.00 shipping, no matter how many prints your order or what size they are! On my last order, I noted that the colors were a bit off and asked them to correct it how they saw fit...needless to say the prints came out beautiful and they didn't charge me any extra! Plus the customer service is awesome, a super nice Dad & Son team! I love supporting the small fish! I am off to go order another hundred prints or so! ;o)

1 comment:

scrapbooking for others said...

I too use Scrapbook Pictures and am so glad I listened to you and started using them. They have done amazing work with my heritage photos.

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